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The last few years have been hard on everyone. Amidst a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, austerity and changes to the ways we work, the need to support everyone’s mental health and wellbeing is greater than ever. 



Enrol on the new digital Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider®) course.


On this course we equip you to support people suffering with poor mental health. 


Internationally-recognised and accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course


MHFA England’s training is grounded in research. It has been developed through an inclusive lens, with input from people with lived experience and in collaboration with clinical practitioners, learners, and workplaces


MHFAiders® gain the knowledge and skills to spot the signs of a person experiencing poor mental health, the confidence to start a conversation and the tools to signpost to appropriate support


With our new offer, training doesn't stop when the course comes to an end. 


We provide continuous support for MHFAiders® – well beyond initial certification – so people are confident, empowered, and motivated to carry out the role


MHFAiders® get automatic 24/7 digital support through the MHFAiders Support App®. 

We specialise in bespoke in-house sessions, or you can book individually onto one of our many external courses.


We cater to individuals as well as larger groups of 12-16. Remote and F2F courses are 4 x 3.5 Hours in length, with manuals and workbooks provided. 

Our in-house courses not only focus on your sectors specific stressors, we also have preferential rates - please enquire here for a quote.


Training includes

  • An understanding of what mental health is, how to challenge and reduce stigma and how to advocate for mental health awareness

  • An understanding of some common mental health conditions and how to notice some warning signs of illness

  • Hints and tips on looking after your own mental health

  • Skills to support positive mental wellbeing

  • Confidence to interact with someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

  • Skills to help someone on a first aid basis and to prevent them from hurting themselves or others

  • Knowledge and skills to guide someone to the right support and to help them recover faster

  • MHFAiders® get automatic 24/7 digital support through the MHFAiders Support App®


MHFA MHFAider® Digital Support app
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Mental Health First Aid training MHFA MHFAider®

Minding Minds

MHFAider® Training



Mental health issues cost £1,700 for every employee in the UK.*

The average return on your investment is 5:1 **

By far the largest part of the business cost is in the form of reduced productivity among people who are at work but unwell: or ‘presenteeism’. This costs businesses almost twice as much as sickness absence relating to poor mental health. The remaining costs relate to staff turnover – people leaving their jobs as a result of poor mental health.


Businesses save money in three main ways. 


  • Lower absenteeism with earlier interventions for poor mental health.

  • Lower staff turnover due to people leaving because of mental health crisis.

  • Preventative  knowledge around stress and working whilst unwell or ‘presenteeism'.

  • Clearing pathways that remove stigma and discrimination.

Deloitte Study into ROI of mental Health Provision at work.

Deloitte - 'Refreshing the case for investment' Jan 2022 *   **

"The results of our updated return on investment (ROI) analysis show a complex but positive case for employers to invest in the mental health of their employees, with a return of £5 for every £1 spent (5:1)"

'Mental health and employers
Refreshing the case for investment.'
Jan 2022

5:1 return on MH investment at work.
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