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Asking for help.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

One of the worst things we are at doing is asking for help. Whether we don't believe ourselves worthy "no one will care any way" or whether we just cannot summon the will to fight past the tsunami of anxiety that rises in front of such an 'unfathomable' task. Handy tip are to write a list of people that have agreed to hear from you if you are feeling bad, and to categorise them into what level of trouble or crisis they fit. A good friend may be good to chat to, but it may need a crisis team or another health individual to listen if you are having suicidal ideations. Keep that list handy, make a note of when they said they'd agreed and if you're feeling really brave get them to sign it, just so you cannot argue with yourself that it is ok to speak to them.

Asking for help is a show of strength.

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