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Kindness - An incredible guide to home-working

The Canadian Federal Government has sent out guidance for those working at home during the Covid-19 crisis.

It’s not about how to organise your office, or keep the children at bay, it focuses on then importance of good mental health management.

As the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Kindness’ I wanted to really explore the importance of points 4) & 5).

4) says we have to be kind to ourselves - and NOT judge ourselves on the way others are coping. This is SO crucial to managing your mental health.

Listening to that interior voice that says ‘look at how they’re doing - they’re making so much more of this time than you are - they’re ahead of you - you should be coping better’ is incredibly detrimental.

People do the best they can at the time they are trying to do it. Fact. This includes you - and also includes your view of others - or point 5).

Remember you are not working from home - you used to work from home on the odd day when everything was normal. The world isn’t normal anymore. Things have changed dramatically - so you are “ At home, trying to work, during a crisis.’

Be kind people. Print this image as a reminder - share this with your teams. Be nice. Be empathetic - especially to yourselves.

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