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Self support & seasonal Mental Health

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Routes to self care.

It can be the most difficult time of year for mental health sufferers. Oft seen family dynamics and anxiety strewn events can trigger depression and anxiety in many people. It is a time of year where we really need to be looking after ourselves. If you do nothing else learn that No is a complete sentence and that you can opt out of certain events around the season. You dont have to go to that drinks party if the thought of small talk with the next door neighbour is akin to the ruskin roulette scene ion the Deer Hunter.

"Self care is really just another way of saying ‘look after yourself’ or taking time to do things you enjoy. The mental health charity Mind list different ways self care can help improve your mental health. Their suggestions include being aware of your mental health, being kind to yourself, making sure you interact and feel connected with others. They also suggest taking time to relax, either through mindfulness or getting outside, as well as keeping physically healthy. If you’d like to find out more about self care strategies, click here for further information."

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Links to Mind has lists of contact numbers including the Samaritans to support these with #depression #anxiety #trauma #PTSD

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