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Independent HR Consultant ? We have a new revenue stream for you.

With mental health, rightly, becoming a top 5 topic for businesses during the pandemic Mental Health First Aid training is one of the most sought after training courses.

We are aware that many independent HR Consultants are dealing with requests from their clients for providers, and we are keen to be your provider of choice.

We have 15 years experience of working in the field and for us this is a passion as well as a business, and have the recommendations and feedback to show it. Now we would like to partner with you.

We offer generous high return affiliate packages that ensure :

- Your clients get the best training available

- Your clients still gets a reduction from rrp for their course.

- You have the potential for earning £800 for every full course your client books through us

- You continue to earn on that initial introduction throughout the life of that interaction, meaning every subsequent course continues to earn you money.

We would very much like to hear from you and arrange a call so we can better explain our quality first approach, and explore how we can deliver you a new, high return, revenue stream.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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