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Mental Health First Aid training goes ONLINE !

We are so happy to announce, after several weeks really hard work, the Mental Health First Aid for England training is now available online. Now delivered over two weeks instead of two days, the course is a careful blend of four two hour live sessions mixed with work from the extensive manual and workbooks.

Our first course starts June28th and finishes on July 8th. The link to this course is below via Eventbrite

Future courses are :

All of these MHFA, or Mental Health First Aid, course are available online meaning that whether you are in London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, York, Sheffield, Coventry or Humberside (yes this is absolutely SEO sorry ) you can access the course from the ease of your now office with the same depth of learning, and your MHFA Certificate to boot.

Please contact us on info@mindingminds with any queries or phone on 07904856036.

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lazemt Sa
lazemt Sa
Jul 09, 2020

السلامة هي أحد أهم جوانب مكانالعمل أو في الحياة العامة. يمكنكتثقيف نفسك بأمان مع دورات

Lazemt للسلامة.

موقع الكتروني……

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