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MHFA Training Course. Day Two.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The second day of the course where we will cover new ground but excitingly wrap up and certify you ready to deliver Mental Health First Aid support to your colleagues.

Session 1 Day Two

What is an anxiety disorder?

First aid for anxiety disorders

Crisis first aid after a traumatic event

Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders

Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders

Cognitive distortions and CBT

Personality disorders

Eating disordersSelf-harm

Session 2 Day Two

What is psychosis?

Risk factors for psychosis

Alcohol, drugs and psychosis


Bipolar disorder

Warning signs of developing psychosis

Crisis first aid for acute psychosis

Treatment and resources for psychosis

Recovery and building resources

Action planning for using MHFA

As you may seem after moving on from depression management we look at anxiety, Bi polar and schizophrenia, some of the more manic types of mental health disorder. We don't slow on day two but you'll finish certified as a MHFA England accredited FA. Congratulations !

What does depression look like ? How do I tell ? How do I support ?

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