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Psychological symptoms of GAD

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Generalised Anxiety Disorder - what to be aware of

GAD can cause changes in the way you see or perceive the outside world - some of the things you may experience are :

A feeling of restlessness, a sense that you are always on the edge. You may have a strong sense of dread or foreboding. This feeling maybe intense, often to the extent of it feeling life threatening.

Though is not the case ( it is just your “ fight or flight ” response in overdrive ) recognising the intensity of this feeling should be a warning to take preventative measures, be it medication, meditation or mind your actions at that moment.

You will likely have difficulty concentrating so distract and disarm those rolling fear patterns. A film is probably best as the visual stimulation that requires little concentration can be easier than a book, but this is all personal.

You will be irritable - do try and steer clear of others, if you’re at work and its permitted bang those headphones on and try to get stuck into some work,

Your symptoms may well cause you to withdraw from social contact to avoid feelings of worry and dread. Don’t be afraid to say no to invites or to cancel ones you’re already invited to. It is fine to say “ No “ as much as it is kind to say ‘I’m sorry I’m going to have to cry off tonight as I’m not feeling very well.” No more is needed.

You may also find going to work difficult and stressful, and may take time off sick. These actions can increase your lack of self-esteem, challenge this as you are ill.

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