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The MHFA Line Managers Resource guidance pack.

We train MHFA's, and believe they are a fundamental part in any organisations wellbeing strategy.

MHFA's are skilled to spot, asses, and assist, as mental health conditions become apparent, but their role is more fundamental than just that.

We believe the greatest skill any MHFA has is to illicit conversations around what is still the most difficult subject in our workplace, community or family. How we are really doing.

As we send our candidates back into the workplace we encourage them to start having those conversations, whether in 1:1's , over coffee, or in those few minutes when early into a zoom room.

Even for those not trained as MHFA's these conversations aren't rocket science, and once practiced a few times become one of the greatest tools in any line managers armoury. But we get it is scary.

Because of this we would like to offer you the opportunity to have a copy of the MHFA England line managers resource. It contains clear guidance on how to best approach these conversations and to foster a more honest atmosphere with a few well placed changes in strategy.

Please contact us for any MHFA training needs. We offer preferential pricing for in-house courses, charities, sole traders and CIC's.

For members of The HR Ninjas there are exclusive packages please contact us directly

We deliver bespoke in-house courses - allowing extra time in the training to explore your sectors specific stressors. Finance differs from retail, and hospitality from education.

We are unique in offering this extra training 'space' to identify and address these issues.

Line Managers Resource
Download PDF • 652KB

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