Certified MHFA England instructors.

We are a partnership of certified MHFA trainers, alcohol and addiction specialists.

We have over a decade of experience in mental health treatment and training, and substance misuse management.

As well as being MHFA England certified our staff have appeared as guest experts on BBC and ITV news, offering insight on issues regarding mental health, family dynamics and drug and alcohol issues.

We have a passion for communicating these subjects.

It's why we do what we do, and we have been doing it successfully for years.

Our passion for Mental Health First Aid and substance misuse issues make us the ideal choice for training. Our passion is infectious and we deliver our courses in a lively and interactive manner.

We understand that some trainees may find some of the content difficult and challenging, often because they have experience of these issues in their own life, or family.

We welcome the vulnerability and honesty this tends to bring to the session, as it is only with one person opening up that others get brave enough to do so them selves. 

Our training sessions are a place of safety, and we will ensure that any trainee who is finding the subject matter difficult is supported and, if needed, signposted to specific help. However our experience is that the mutual support that these open training sessions offer allow people to sit with these difficulties and find strength in them to then take forward into the workplace. 

Sat on the Rocks

“I can’t use enough superlatives to describe how Minding Minds delivered the training. 

It was a perfect mix of theory and real life experience, which made it hard hitting, but realistic. 

I have had several of the Team say to me it was the best, and most useful training they have ever undergone.

Since we started running the courses absenteeism has dropped by 25% across the business and salaried staff churn has reduced by 9%."

Alyson Hancock HR Director Yo! Sushi