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The HR Ninjas

Bespoke delivery and pricing for the HR Ninjas community. 


We been working with the HR Ninjas since lockdown one. HR professionals were being hit hard and fast was they struggled to manage a seismically shifting playing field.

The HR Ninjas Facebook group is now nearly 30k strong and still growing, offering a core support community for HR professionals.

Over the past three years we have delivered MHFA England training to both individuals and businesses we have met though the HR Ninjas.

We continue to offer exclusive discounts to members and their whole teams, as well as running Ninja specific MHFAider® courses where you get to network as we explore the training with an HR slant.


We specialise in sector specific roll outs focussing on your sectors particular needs, but we also have regular external courses for individual team members. 

If you are an HR Professional and not yet a member of the HR Ninjas please join here, and please drop us a line for any MHFA England course enquiries or use the contact form below.  

Free Mental Health First Aid resources. 
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MHFAider® Guides/Line Managers Resource
Managers Toolkits/Implementing MHFAiders®

HR Ninja Enquiries. 

HR Ninjas MHFAider® courses

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