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“I can’t use enough superlatives to describe how Minding Minds delivered the training. I have had several of the Team say to me it was the best, and most useful training they have ever undergone.

Since we started to run the courses, absenteeism rates have  declined across the business by over 25% and salaried staff churn has reduced by 9%.

Alyson Hancock Group HR Director Yo! Sushi

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YMCA candidates.

“Our instructor made the whole training interesting and informative. He dealt with difficult subjects with the right balance of sensitivity and honesty. Topics were given enough detail so we understood how to support others without spending too much time on any individual area. The instructor was  warm and empathetic, and dealt with some situations, where team members were struggling, incredibly well. I learned a huge amount from the training and feel a lot more confident in supporting others with their mental health.”

“What a brilliant instructor ! He had so much knowledge and passion for what he does that is in infectious. It is very rare for a trainer to be so open and honest with people he has only just met- it was very inspiring. I feel my confidence has increased so much more now that I have attended the course and I would be happy and willing to put what I have learned into practice.” 

“Prior to the course i would have thought that my Knowledge and understanding was better but having completed the course i now see that this was not the case. It has really made me reflect on the fact that mental first aid really is as important as physical first aid. I feel that my confidence to spot signs that someone may need support and how to then initiate that first conversation is much improved.” 

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"A huge thank you to our trainer. Friendly, personable and relatable. A difficult topic for many, but handled and delivered very well.Not like the usual training you go through - kept us engaged, kept the group together and explained everything with dignity and clarity.Particularly liked his constant reassurance of self-care on course material.10/10 would recommend. "



“We were never close-minded about mental health, but we simply didn’t know where to start. MHFA courses have given us ‘permission’ to talk.”

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 “In the same way that anyone can get a cold or flu, anyone can be affected by a mental health issue. In addition the common assumption is that most physical health problems are temporary and it’s generally expected the person will make a full recovery, whereas with mental health issues the perception tends to be the opposite.”  


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