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Obsessive about quality - but safety first.

Minding Minds do nothing but deliver MHFA Training - it is not a sideline to a consultancy or wellbeing business.

We focus purely on safe, quality driven deliveries of the MHFA England training course.

It's easy for us to get pricing across ( please do get in touch for a quote) but the proof of the pudding is

We will be sharing all of our latest full feedback sheets from courses. We don't cherry pick feedback - everything is in these sheets. We encourage constructive feedback and even when we aren't hitting straight 10's we will share these too.

It's about your safety first - then impassioning you to be able to deliver the content with meaning. It is then about your bottom line.

This training improves that too - Deloitte's quote a median 5:1 return on MH Provision. It is the right thing to do but it is also the smart thing to do.

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