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Employee wellness survey - what should we ask ?

We designed a survey so we can allow HR professionals we work with to take a snapshot of the business's mental health and wellbeing.

We use this survey both post and prior any mental health first aid training. Our survey allows you to look at stress and anxiety within your business, and looks at how the workplace is affecting peoples mental health.

The point of stress and anxiety measuring surveys is so you are better informed about the stressors within the workplace and how people are positively or negatively dealing with this issues.

Drug and alcohol use are realistically measured as the survey is anonymous and a section looks at previous treatment for mental health within the workforce.

This survey is a fantastic measurement tool that can be used before, and then after, the addition of MHFA's into your workforce, documenting the progress of wellness at work.

The sections in the survey on mindfulness and meditation are suggestions to the workforce to explore these positive coping mechanisms, and it is suggested that a follow up e-mail or intranet campaign occurs focussing on the promotion of these tools.

If you have any questions please email us at

Link below : Please note this is only for use as a template of questions for your own survey, but please feel free to use this exact layout.

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